Ends on May 2, 2018
Please use this page to submit your school's shortlisted finalist. For each finalist, you need to submit:
  • 90 second video of the student’s portfolio, showing their design process. This can be presented however you prefer. For example, the student could be talking through their process on the video. 
  • Three Good Quality photos of your finalist’s model box. One of these photos should have your student holding/presenting the model box.* 
  • Your judging notes for the finalist from the judging form. 
*Please note that the photo of the student holding the model box will be used in the programme for the ROH Swan Lake Schools’ Matinee, so please ensure that you have permission in place for the student’s photo to be used in case they win the competition!

Finally, please make sure you use the following ratio for how many finalists you should submit:

  • 1 class (up to 35) took part in the project = 1 Finalist
  • 2 classes took part in the project = 2 Finalists
  • 3 classes took part in the project = 3 Finalists