Ends on November 30, 2017
Please use this page to submit your school's shortlisted entry/entries. You will need to include:

- 90 second film 
- 3 images of the final piece
- Teacher judging notes 

Please ensure you submit all five documents for each shortlisted student you enter. 

Finally, please make sure you use the following ratio per category for how many finalists you should submit:

  • 1 – 20 entries = 1 Finalist
  • 20 – 40 entries = 2 Finalists
  • 41+ entries = 3 Finalists
For example, if you had 33 students take part in Costume Design and 12 students take part in Set Design, you would submit 2 finalists for Costume and 1 finalist for Set. You need to complete this form for each finalist.

You are halfway through your Creative Challenge! This is a good point for the Create and Dance Nutcracker team to take a look at your dance as it exists so far. Your dance does not have to be finished by this point, so please don’t worry. Just send us through a film of what you have created so far. If you need any help or advice from our Create and Dance Nutcracker dance practitioners, now is the perfect opportunity to ask. They will come back to you with constructive feedback and answer your questions ready for your first lesson back after half term.

Please upload your film and any questions by Friday 20 October.